Monday, November 29, 2010

So it begins

After much debate, I decided it was about time I get back into writing my thoughts down.  Since I have horrible handwriting and I'm somewhat lazy this is where those thoughts will go.  Now these thoughts will bounce around from time to time and will probably cover anything under the sun.  Just depends how I'm feeling.

Been looking at moving for awhile now.  Ever since I got back to AZ a couple years ago I haven't really been to thrilled with the idea of being home again.  Yeah, sure saving money is great but the emotional toll that it takes on me seems to make that trade-off discouraging.  Thus why I am trying to move out.  Got a couple places lined up and should have an answer to all that by the end of the week.  Hopefully sooner.

It's been close to two weeks since I have seen my girlfriend.  Haven't even been able to get a phone call out of her either.  Kind of run the emotional gauntlet on that to be perfectly honest.  Even though she has a ton going on, can't say it's really eased my concerns any since just trying to get a few words out of her is like pulling teeth. (good God the Cardinals SUCK tonight!  Sorry, watching the game right now)  I love my girl, even though it's still early...I just wish circumstances weren't so freaking complicated you know?   That's really all I'm going to get into on that though since I am trying to flip my attitude on everything and not be so negative about stuff.

Now the holidays are here, after so many years of disappointments I'm pretty numb to this time of year.  Sad really because it has the potential to be a really great one this go around.  Got a niece on the way, actually have a girlfriend this time around, two jobs, probably going to be living somewhere else soon, no major issues to complain about yet still....  I almost feel as if I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop.  Like something HAS to go wrong so it's best I don't expect anything.  Gah, this is good therapy for me though which is nice.  Just need to stay positive about this, still don't think I'm going to expect anything but I can be hopeful.

So I am watching this MNF game and something strikes me:  How can people say my Lions suck when Arizona has been a complete joke this year?  I understand the record for Detroit has been pathetic but they still play hard and have stars.  Just no experience closing games out.  I guess I'm a gluten for punishment lol.

That's all for now though, my mind blanked out on me.